About SKHF

Silver Knights Humanitarian Foundation (SKHF)

Silver Knights Humanitarian Fund (SKHF) is a non-governmental organization established by Silver Knights Club, Ibadan. The SKHF was established as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) through which the fundamental will provide humanitarian services to communities and schools within and outside Ibadan Metropolis in the area of portable water supply and sanitation. Realizing the importance of portable water supply and sanitation to the well-being of man, SKHF was set up with the vision to allow all needy communities and institutions have access to portable water with minimum stress.

Scope Of Coverage

In line with our Vision and Mission. SKHF proposes to provide portable water and sanitation for needy communities and schools within Ibadan Metropolis. This is to be an intervention aimed at contributing our quota to prevention and eradication of water-borne diseases in the metropolis and provide a wholesome and healthy life for the people in general.

Water supply intervention by SKHF will include the following components:

  • Drilling of Boreholes
  • Installation of submersible pumps
  • Creation of overhead tanks
  • Construction of public stand posts in case of communities
  • Connection by limited reticulation in case of schools

Sanitation provision on the other hand, will include the following:

  • Construction of VIP toilets for the communities
  • Provisions of a Water System that includes WC with septic tanks and soak away pits for the schools and these will be provided as 5 to 8 cubicle toilets, portioned into male/female/staff sections for educational institutions.


  1. SK Jide Owoeye                                       Club Chief
  2. SK Gboyega Akin-Deko                           Chairman SKHF
  3. SK Yomi Layinka                                      Trustee                             
  4. SK Tunji Bolu                                            Trustee                                            
  5. SK Deji Osibogun                                     Trustee
  6. SK Babajide Olatunde-Agbeja                Trustee
  7. SK Ayo Adekunle                                      Trustee