Club Resolution


After a quarter of a century in existence, most individuals, institutions and organizations tend to look back in time to review their history to determine the high and low points of the journey so far with a view to charting the desired path to the future. And so it was with the Silver Knights Club, especially after its 25th anniversary as a club.

As a result of the apparent carelessness of some members to its ideals and the consequently unabated internal critique of its raison d’etre, a growing number of members of the Silver Knights Club argued for the coherent review of the Club’s founding vision, the continued relevance of such a vision as well as the honest appraisal and interrogation of the seeming rudderless direction of the Club.

When contrasted against its potential power as a significant vehicle of progress – both for its individual members as well as to the larger community in which it is located. It was eventually agreed that the Club should organize a retreat at which these and other questions can be dispassionately confronted with a view to generating the right solutions to the identified challenges.

After many fits and starts, a Retreat Committee was set up under the coordination of SK Wole Olugboji (20). With help from SK Yinka Fasuyi (32) who had circulated copies of his well-articulated and bound methodology proposal as well as with inputs from one of the club’s founding members, SK Banky Oke (09), the committee’s proposed dates, venue and agenda were canvassed, adapted and accepted at a formal meeting of the Club.

Consequently, eighteen (18) of the twenty one (21) Ibadan-based members of the Silver Knights Club assembled between Friday, 24th and Saturday, 25th September, 2010, at the Equity Hotel, Ijebu Ode to discuss the following, among others:

Issues and Discussions

  • The need to chart a new and durable vision and mission for the club. This fresh charter should emphasize a greater commitment to members’ social, professional and business interests as well as a more robust relationship with the larger community by engaging in legacy-defining projects.
  • The imperative need for members to consciously and vigorously engage each other as strategic partners rather than competitors. The need to truly become our brother’s keepers, especially by supporting one another in the growth and development of our professional, business and family interests.
  • The critical importance of each member’s role in the strengthening of the aggregate value of the club by the quantitative contribution of individual skills and resources to the betterment of the club, its members and the larger community.
  • The need to gently steer the club away from its strictly social moorings to a more business-oriented basis of existence. Consequently, there should be a greater emphasis on business development opportunities among members, on the one hand as well as direct club investment in viable projects for the benefit of interested members, on the other.
  • The club should commit to the breaking of new and greater frontiers by its individual members as by itself as a corporate entity. The club should therefore be seen to actively support and encourage members’ participation in major professional, business and even political projects rather than be seen to disparage such members’ efforts.
  • Commitment to the club’s objectives is imperative for the achievement of its full potentials. The seeming lackluster attitude of some members towards the club should therefore be seriously interrogated with a view to stemming the tide.
  • In view of the security and other implications, the club needs to review the timing and duration of its monthly meetings to accommodate the concerns of some members.
  • In order to sustain efforts at consistent documentation of the club’s records and events, the club must regularly update its history and facts.
  • New roles are required for our children and damsels to further the internal cohesion of the club.


At the end of the two-day 2010 Silver Knights’ Retreat, the following resolutions were reached for implementation by the current Executive Committee and members of the club:

SK shall strengthen and expand the organization and publicity of its flagship event; the Annual May Day Lecture program in order to fully exploit its maximum potential as a tool of strategic engagement with the Nigerian society.

In addition, the leadership of the Silver Knights Club shall henceforth demonstrate a greater degree of engagement with the socio-political circumstances of the larger society by periodically intervening with pertinent and well-thought-out press commentaries.

With effect from 2011, the Silver Knights Club shall organize and implement at least one annual community project – whether wholly sponsored by it or in collaboration with other community development agencies.

2. Responsibilities of Members to the Silver Knights Club.

Every member shall strictly adhere to his oath of allegiance and loyalty to the ideals, constitution, rules and bye-laws of the Silver Knights Club. Failure to do this shall attract the strictest sanctions as prescribed by the Club’s constitution.

3. The responsibility of the Silver Knights Club to its Members.

The Club shall henceforth fully demonstrate its commitment to the interests and welfare of each of its members by giving true meaning to its own creed: a family-oriented social club whose collective resources are used to the benefit of its members and the community at large.

4. Membership

i. The maximum number. The Club’s membership ceiling is hereby increased to a maximum of 30 with the proviso that this number may be reviewed as the Club deems fit. However, stricter rules of admission are to be designed by the Club to ensure that only applicants who measure to the prescribed high standards are admitted. Meanwhile, no new member shall henceforth be admitted unless he is less than forty years of age as at the date of admission. This is to infuse the Club with younger and more dynamic professionals capable of moving the club into its desired future.

ii. Distant members shall henceforth be defined as those members who pay the required basic annual dues but are not resident in Ibadan. This category of members will however not be subject to other dues payable unless and until their membership is reversed to the Ordinary Membership category upon a written request to that effect addressed to the Club Chief through the Club Secretary.

5. Fostering Cohesiveness Among Members

i. The Knights’ Ventures shall be restructured to become a vehicle for the greater integration of all members of the club by giving access to all members and by encouraging each member to actively participate in every venture so agreed.

ii. The Club leadership shall ensure the diligent sending of felicitations and greetings to all members and their respective family members during their birthdays, anniversaries and other joyous and/or somber occasions.

iii. The Club shall encourage our damsels to become friendlier with each other by creating more interactive social club activities that engage them.

iv. Adult children of the Silver Knights shall henceforth be encouraged and delegated to organize the Club’s end of the year Christmas programmes.

v. Gift packages shall henceforth be presented to each SK damsel at the end of every year. To this end, each member will be levied a monthly fee of 1,000 naira to fund this activity.

vi. Social events shall henceforth be well-publicized and collectively organized so as to get more members and their families involved and committed to club activities.

vii. SK caps shall continue to be worn as determined by the Club. Severe sanctions shall consequently be meted out to any defaulter. However, we shall need to design more varieties of styles and colours to fit different types of dressings and occasions.

6. Rules and Regulations

i. In order to enforce due compliance with the resolutions of this Retreat, the CMDC is directed to truly operate as the Club’s watchdog by ensuring the prompt enforcement of due disciplinary sanctions against members who fail to comply with any and all specific dictates of the Club’s Constitution and bye laws.

ii. Consequently, all members who default in the payment of any and all constitutionally agreed dues must be appropriately and promptly sanctioned without fear, favour or prevarication.

7. Meetings

i. Meeting times shall remain as currently established. However, these meetings shall henceforth be conducted in a more orderly and businesslike manner so that members can get back to their respective homes to avoid potential security problems.

ii. The monthly meetings shall also continue to hold on a rotational basis. These meetings shall however hold ONLY at the homes of members.

iii. An Annual General Meeting shall hold every year over a two-day period at a venue outside Ibadan. At this AGM, all committees of the Club shall present their annual reports for consideration and adoption before elections into the various offices of the Club and its committees. Another main activity of this AGM shall be holding of an exhortation/bonding workshop to be conducted by a renowned professional life-coach. This resolution takes effect from 2011.

8. Fees and Dues.

i. Entry and annual fees shall remain as they currently stand until the Club deems it fit revised them.

ii. The maximum amount permissible to be owed to the Club by any member shall be N10,000 only. With effect from November, 2010, all current debtors must pay a minimum of 15% of their outstanding debts every month until such debts are fully liquidated. Any debtor who defaults for more than one month on this payment plan shall be automatically suspended as a member of the Club. Afterwards, re-admission shall only be on the basis of a one-off payment of ALL outstanding debts, including the appropriate fines arising.

iii. The CMDC is henceforth directed to ensure the rigorous enforcement of the above and other disciplinary measures against all members who default on the prompt payment of their approved dues.

9. Fines

i. Henceforth, ALL fines must be paid in cash at the general meeting where the penalty is incurred while those fined in absentia must pay at the next meeting. Unpaid fines shall attract further sanctions as determined by the CMDC. Consequently, interjections and distractions that tend to slow down or create disorders at meetings shall henceforth be duly sanctioned to minimize and consequently eliminate such irritating misbehaviours.

ii. Members who fail to deliver their 15-minute Talk shall be made to pay very stiff agreed fines while the missed paper shall be circulated to all members before the next meeting. Failure to do the latter shall continue to attract additional fines until it is so circulated.

10. Sovereignty of the above Resolutions

All the resolutions above are to be integrated into the Club’s constitution with effect from the October, 2010 monthly general meeting of the Silver Knights Club, Ibadan.